Workshop: Be your true self!

An inner journey of self-exploration

In this transformative workshop 'Be your true self' we invite you on a journey of awareness, to unplug from the complexity of daily life, and connect to your voice inside. You will be exploring your own life story, finding out about your potential, connecting with your dreams and understanding how to be your true authentic self by letting go of who you think you should be. It is about taking ownership and stepping into the arena of life.


The Voyage Beyond program Be your true self! is based on 5 pillars:

Power of awareness - exploring who am I? and how do I do the things I do.

Power of divine -  being connected to the universe, connected to the source of life. 

Power of purpose - learning that we can give meaning to our life by choosing a direction.  

Power of choice– making your dreams come true and taking ownership.

Power of being - stepping into the arena. What are you going to give your focus and energy?

"What you practice grows stronger!"

We will be using storytelling, creative exercises, meditation, yoga, reflection and walking to create a personal storyboard of your life. We also co-create with experts from different fields and combine this workshop with acting, cooking, yoga, photography and/or walking. For locations we have found unique places as former monasteries, a Greek island, a tree house hotel, Chartres in France, Abruzzo in Italy.


We employ a gentle, non-confrontational and non-judgmental approach in our 'Be your true Self!' program, helping you to understand and find answers to your questions. Workshops can be tailor made, from a half day to a full week, for your team or organisation. Go to Events for dates, locations and availability of workshops with an open registration. Contact us if you would like more information.

Labyrinth in the cathedral in Chartres
Labyrinth in the cathedral in Chartres


"This workshop has been an amazing journey I made in the beautiful mountains of Sauerland in Germany. I really enjoyed participating in this workshop in combination with walking. In the afternoon I could ponder over the insight I gained in the morning, making me ready for new steps to take the next day. Participating in a group worked like a mirror, (hindering) patterns became visible and made it possible to practice letting go of during the week. This way I could take really big steps. Gert-Jan is a special trainer, as he is able to follow and asking the right questions guiding you. He senses what is necessary in the group, trusting the process, showing his own vulnerability and also being able to let go of things so tailor made coaching is offered." -Judith