Do you want to be happy or do you not want to be happy? Regardless of what is going to happen in your life.

 Are you at a point in life wondering what the destination of your path is?

Do you want to take ownership, but you don't know how?


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Time for reflection, time to let go, time to meet yourself. Join us on the camino to Santiago, for walking and talking. Back to basics.

A group of visually impaired people will walk 200 km on the camino from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in October 2017.

For the third time walkers with a visual impairment are going on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Here is the trailer for the documentary we made of the edition of 2016. The documentary will be following shortly. 

A book about a lonely pilgrimage to Santiago in winter. Together with 33 stories of pilgrims why they are walking the camino.

In an inspiring talk, Gert-Jan de Hoon takes you on a journey of self exploration and invites you to muse about yourself and where you are in life.

What is your story? What is the path you came and where are you going? How to create your own reality and to be your best authentic self.

Do we need external impulses to realize our dreams and to get to the essence of life? Or are we able to create our own reality? If so, then how?

Our authentic ‘self’ is often trapped inside a series of outdated habits and beliefs, keeping us from developing and moving forward.