Infinity Coaching

Our authentic ‘self’ is often trapped inside a series of outdated habits and beliefs, keeping us from developing and moving forward. To grow and personally develop means constantly aligning who you are, what you want and what motivates you.


We work with the Infinity Coach Model connecting to our ‘self’, discovering new roads and mapping out a path to help people reach their destination. So you can be the director of your own life (again).


Infinity coaching is very effective for people who:

  • want to (re)connect to their life purpose,
  • want to use their full potential and fulfill their dreams,
  • have the feeling not getting the best out of themselves anymore,
  • have everything, but miss something in their life,
  • are close to a burn-out,
  • want something else in their life, but don’t know what,
  • are looking for a new balance between work, private life and themselves.


Themes we address:

  • my path (where am I in life and  what are my values, beliefs and habits)
  • my potential (knowing my unique potential)
  • my dreams and destination (where do I want to go, what is stopping me and what do I need)
  • my choices (ownership: pro-activity, passion, practice and failure)
  • be the director of your life! (purpose, gratitude and happiness)
Infinity Coaching programs:
  • infinity coaching basic program.
  • infinity coaching combined with walking. (Walking is a means to get into a conversation with yourself, not an objective in itself).
  • back to basics camino coaching - coaching and walking the camino in Spain.


To learn more about how we can help you to get the best out of you, your team and organization, or you are looking for a new balance between work, private life and yourself?




An example of a director of her life!: