Towards the end of the trip she reflected on the journey to me. "I have more children, and to spend two weeks with one of them just walking is an amazing experience. Actually, I have not spent this amount of time just with him alone in his life. Walking has made me feel very present with him. To see him in a totally different light, too – opening up, getting more confident, connecting with all these pilgrims. And I realize he is a 15-year-old boy, trying to find himself. It is the best thing that could have happened, such a gift. I haven't seen him more alive than on the Camino. It was such a great experience, meeting all these pilgrims from all over the world. And he saw a different side of me, too, on the last part of the Camino. When we arrived in Santiago I was in such a good space – I was much calmer in the end. Totally in rhythm with the Camino."

Quote from Walking in the Rain, chapter 8 Roots on the move.

- Kate (USA)

"The workshop has been an amazing journey I made in the beautiful mountains of Sauerland in Germany. I really enjoyed participating in this workshop in combination with walking. In the afternoon I could ponder over the insight I gained in the morning, making me ready for new steps to take the next day. (Hindering) patterns became visible, as participating in a group worked like a mirror and made it possible to practice letting go of during the week. This way I could take really big steps.
Gert-Jan is a special trainer, as he is able to follow and asking the right questions guiding you. He senses what is necessary in the group, trusting the process, showing his own vulnerability and also being able to let go of things so 'tailor made' coaching is offered."
- Judith (the Netherlands)

''Gert-Jan has the talent to ask you exactly the right question at exactly the right moment, to keep you on the right track. You feel self empowered because he helps you see how all the answers lie within you. He helped me through a very difficult professional situation, and it unexpectedly nourished my inner growth. He's a natural, rational and spiritual coach. I'd recommend him to anyone.''

- Rachelle Jeanty, singer songwriter and vocal coach of ''Spirit of Joy workshops'' (Germany)

"I have been on 'an inner journey’ for six days in Winterberg. The reason for participating in this workshop was the deadlock I felt in at that moment. I wanted to get the reasons clear why I couldn’t find a new direction in my life and not being able to make choices. The assignments and conversations during the workshop gave me a deeper insight in hindering beliefs and patterns. Of course you don’t get solutions instantly presented to you, but you are given a helping hand and a new motivation to take life in your own hands again. Gert-Jan inspires by sharing his own experiences, clarifies by asking the right questions and holding you a clear, but caring mirror. Also as a facilitator he knows to create the right atmosphere and a safe environment, so you can open yourself to the process. I truly recommend this week of 'self' research, with relaxing walks in the beautiful surroundings of Winterberg!"

-Annemieke (the Netherlands)

"My experience of walking the Way and being part of the Camino Walking Blind team was very intense. My intensity was felt as sadness and confrontation, but also as happiness, beauty and joy. It was a complete spectrum of emotions and that is what I loved. I had to let go of certain ideas on the Camino and I realize now, after returning home, that I want to hold on to this new insight. What a contradiction!"

Quote from Walking in the Rain, chapter 4 One foot in front of the other.

- Séverine (the Netherlands)

"I can look at myself and others again with a smile. I feel satisfied with my life experiences."

"A timely coach who empowers minds. Gert-Jan not only understands how to communicate respectfully with his clients, but he effectively guides and inspires during hard decision making processes. He listens carefully to what is said and what is not said and he asks the right questions to guide you. Gert-Jan is the right professional to keep you walking in your life and career. He has a unique open-minded and trustworthy coaching style. Profound and lasting change is what you get when you are in touch with Gert-Jan."

-Claudia Victoria Martinez Roa (Colombia)

"Gert-Jan has helped me tremendously in dealing with life. His utmost strengths are his ability to listen tentatively and to ask questions that make me think about my life and discover myself. His questions are very focussed on my situation and issues that are affecting me. As a human being, we tend to ignore the truth we are facing. Gert-Jan will ask questions that make you confront the reality you are in, be it good or bad. I was maliciously attacked in July 2012 and nearly lost my life. I was hospitalised for 28 days in total and spent 14 days alone in an Intensive Care Unit. Thanks to the technology, I was able to reach Gert-Jan in another continent and he helped me get back on my feet again when I had lost the will to live. He makes me see that life is worth living and that I am special and a strong person. Thank you, Gert-Jan."

-Alida Noor (Malaysia)

"I walked part of the camino with Gert-Jan and it was one of the richest experiences in my life. On the way you meet people, you open your mind, you grow up, you reconsider your life, you learn to admire the silence. And while I was pondering and answering his questions, I realized what a lucky person I was! Walking and talking with Gert-Jan I learned more to appreciate my life."

-Cristina González Sáiz, directora y presentadora de Ver-cine y Filmaniac (Spain)

"Being free of technology and simply walking is one of the most healing parts of the pilgrimage experience."

"It is now almost a year ago that we met on the Camino Primitivo de Santiago. I think back at that meeting regularly. In the first minutes of that chance encounter (is there such a thing, really?), I could tell that you were a true seeker. Someone interested in life, in your fellow man, in happiness, in meaning, simplicity, and truth. It also did not take long for you to reveal how much wisdom you had gained over the years from that keen interest. I appreciate the generosity with which you shared that wisdom and I particularly recall with fondness our discussion about balance. It is a guiding principle in my life and the thoughts you shared on this resonate to date.

Your book, also, is a gem. Anyone contemplating doing the Camino would do well to read it as a mental preparation for the journey. Those not able to physically experience the Camino can capture its essence also by reading your book. Keep walking, Gert-Jan. Keep helping and keep discovering for all of us."
-Geert (USA)

"In his workshop, Gert-Jan takes detainees on a journey to become the director of their own life. Any resistance to participate he takes away by his open communication and his talent as a storyteller. He helps build and develop a more positive self image, with respect for others, higher self-esteem and self-confidence in combination with effective communication. This workshop added to a change in behavior and way of thinking with most of the participants."

-Luuk van den Hout (Head PCT Breda the Netherlands, Department of Justice)

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi