Voyage Beyond Coaching

 "Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out, a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment." (Victor Frankl)

Executive Coaching

Imagine a moment away from the complexity of daily life. Unplugged. Standing still, being still. Creating a moment to listen to our voice inside without judgement. Three days away on a Greek island, or an island in the north of the Netherlands, or a unique location for a tailor made session. We will be exploring the path we walk, our origin, destination, dreams, fears, potential and ownership. We will work half a day with exercises and half a day we go for walks exploring the island. Of course we will use this time to reflect, to ponder, to be silent, and for deep conversations. You will be encouraged to dream big, to step outside your comfort zone and to connect heart and head.


How do you create Psychological Safety in the workplace?

How do you build trusting cooperation?


How do we work?

We will set the goals and expectations for the coaching in a preliminary meeting. We will talk about the theme of this executive coaching and what the client wants to work on. We will agree about how we will be working together.

Clients: board members, CEO's, top management, entrepeneurs.

Price: €2,000 (excl 21% vat) per day (exclusive: travel, insurrance and accomodation/stay).

"Being in the present with your experience, without judging."

Team Coaching

"... it is more important than ever for people to speak up, share information, contribute expertise, take risks, and work with each other to create lasting value." (Amy Edmondson, The Fearless Organisation)


When you look at your organisation/team, how does it perform? With Team Coaching we will address the above and we will ask the following questions:

What do we need to do to work as a successful team?

Do we have a common vision?

Are we willing to give our best to the team?

How do we deal with setbacks?

How do we communicate with each other?

How do we define leadership?

Do we fully trust others?

How do we create value?


How do we work?

Contact us a for a custom made program of Team Coaching.

Price: €1,250 (excl 21% vat) per half a day.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. 
They somehow already know what you truly want to become." (Steve Jobs)

Camino Coaching

As a pilgrim, Gert-Jan de Hoon has walked the Camino for the first time in 2005. And the Camino kept calling him back ever since to return to walk. Since 2015 Voyage Beyond is guiding small groups, teams and groups of visually impaired people to Santiago (Camino Walking Blind). By walking the Camino over and over again, Gert-Jan has experienced the healing power of this path in combination with coaching and guiding. It is also possible to have custom made walks and individual Camino Coaching to walk as a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela or Finistera. Find out about planned Camino Coaching Events.


Starting points for walking the Camino:

  • Porto (camino Portugués)
  • Ponferrada (camino Francés)
  • Oviedo (camino Primitivo)
  • Ferrol (camino Inglés)
  • Irun (camino del Norte)

An adventure you always have dreamed of doing, but never had time to embark upon. Time has come. Time for reflection, time to let go, time to meet yourself. Back to basics. Join us on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, walking with an open heart and connecting head and heart.


Walking the Camino will get you through the phases of:

  • Letting go and slowing down;
  • Connecting with this path;
  • The cleansing phase;
  • What do you want to take ownership about?


How do we work?

We will walk in groups of maximum three pilgrims. There will be daily group meetings and individual coach sessions will be scheduled. You will get a packing list, an intake session and a personal coaching session one month after we are back.

Price: €1,750 (excl 21% vat) per week (exclusive cost of traveling and stay in Spain, travel insurrance).


Next Generation Leadership Journey: for students in combination with walking the Camino del Norte (Spain).


Contact us for more information what you can get out of Camino Coaching.

"What I have learned on the Camino is that life is about putting one foot in front of the other." (Kate)

Personal Coaching

Our authentic 'self' is often trapped inside a series of outdated habits and beliefs, keeping us from developing and moving forward. To grow and personally develop means constantly aligning who you are, what you dream about and what motivates you.


What kind of a life are we living? Most people are living a mechanical life, unaware. Looking for a confirmation about the job they have, the clothes they wear, the girlfriend/boyfriend at their side, the holidays they go on, the car they drive, the house they live in. Anthony De Mello says about this: "If you ever let yourself feel good when people tell you that you are all right, you are preparing yourself to feel bad when they tell you you are not good. As long as you live to fulfil other people's expectations, you better watch what you wear, how you comb your hair, whether your shoes are polished, whether you live up to every expectation of theirs."


Have you ever asked yourself the question where your beliefs, attitudes, values, thoughts, habits, gestures come from? Are they yours or passed on by parents, educators, the culture we live in? We are programmed and conditioned and we have learned to solve and fix things by changing our circumstances, as in getting another job, another girlfriend, another car, another haircut, a new house, children, travelling. We are not looking to understand ourselves differently.


What are your beliefs?

What are you telling yourself, what is your self talk? 

What do you have control over in your life? 

What do you dream about?


How do we work?

Our first meeting is without any obligations, we will explore how we might be working together and if we both feel inspired we commit to 10 coach sessions, a combination of walking, video calls and coaching on location. Every two weeks there will be a session. Every client will get custom made coaching.

Price: €2,500 (excl 21% vat) for 10 sessions.

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.
Maybe it is about un-becoming everything that isn't really you...
so you can be who you are meant to be in the first place." (Paulo Coelho)

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi