"Leaders are storytellers!" (James Kerr)

In 1991 after his graduation, Gert-Jan de Hoon traveled by train from Holland to Beijing in China. From this moment onwards a journey of discovery started, which would take him all over the world. From Uganda in Africa, back to China, Pakistan, Nepal and India. A wilderness guide course in Canada and a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


Gert-Jan has walked the pilgrim's way in Spain several times and he learned that the road is the destination. After walking 2500 km he unraveled the 'secret of the Camino'. In his coaching, he now uses the camino as a metaphor for the path of life and he guides individuals and groups on the Camino.


In the wilderness in Canada he learned the difference between being alone and being lonely. He experienced the smallness of life and that we are part of something bigger. On his journey he also experienced it is easier to walk towards a destination, than away from something you don't want.

"Paying attention in the present moment!"

When we look back at the path we have walked, we can understand a lot about ourselves. How do we do the things in life? Why do we do them this way? Here we can find answers how to self direct our life again. When you look ahead and dream, what would you like to achieve in your life, who would you like to be?


In his lectures, Gert-Jan takes you on a journey of exploration and invites you to muse about yourself and where you are in life: Are you happy or would you like to choose a new direction? Gert-Jan is a most engaging storyteller, he inspires beyond and he captures his audience with the lessons from his life and adventures around the world.


Inspirational talks and presentations:

  • Be your true authentic self - walking the path of life, a personal story
  • Experiences of a pilgrim - a tale of walking the Camino (in winter, with visually impaired people, with clients)
  • The secret of the Camino - what makes the Camino such a special place to walk?
  • Master Class Creating a New Vision 2050 - how do we want to see the world in 2050?
  • Tailor made lectures for organizations


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A pilgrim's passport tells the story of the path of the pilgrim
A pilgrim's passport tells the story of the path of the pilgrim

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi