our Philosophy

When you begin to realize that the power to do anything, to be anything, to have anything, is within yourself,

then and only then you will go and take your proper place in the world. 


Do we need external happenings or impulses to realize our dreams and to get to the essence of life? Or are we able to create our own reality? If so, then how? What kind of a life do you want to live? Do you invest in your personal growth and professional development?

The philosophy of Voyage Beyond is based on 6 pillars


Your path - the power of awareness

To understand where you are in life, you have to look back at the path you have walked. All your experiences on your life journey have brought you where you are at this moment. By self observation in a non-judgmental way (awareness) you will be able to get insight in your values, beliefs and habits.


Your potential - the power of divine

Potential is something we are all born with, it is the divine part of life. Living your life is also about finding out what this is. Finding your way, your direction, your purpose for being here.


Your dreams and your direction - the power of purpose

The road you walk is depending on the destination you choose. Without destination or direction you don’t know which road you are on. How does life unfold and who is the director? Why are you doing what you are doing? Choosing a destination helps you realize your dreams. We need a destination in life to give meaning to today.


Your inner critic - the power of fear

What stories do you tell yourself from not taking action?  What stops you from being your true authentic self?


Ownership - the power of choice

The quality of life is about the choices you make, not about the conditions of your life or expectations of others.


Stepping into the arena – the power of being

Bringing the first 5 pillars into practice. What are you going to give your focus and energy to?

how we work

We employ a gentle, non-confrontational and non-judgmental approach in our programs in a safe environment. Helping you to understand and find answers to fundamental questions, possibly outside your comfort zone.


We will be using storytelling, creative exercises, meditation, yoga, reflection and walking to create a personal storyboard of your life or organization. We also co-create with experts from different fields and combine our workshops with acting, cooking, yoga, photography and/or walking. For locations we have found unique places as former monasteries, a Greek island, a tree house hotel, Chartres in France, Abruzzo in Italy. Coaching will take place while walking, on location and in combination with video calls. 


To learn more about how to get the best out of yourself, your team and organization, or how to find a new balance between work and private life contact us.

What we do

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi