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"There is a general loss of trust and confidence among people, along with profound pessimism and cynicism." World Economic Forum 2020. This is a time for authentic leaders, a new vision, and a need for a next generation leadership. We need a transformation on the concept of growth.


Workshop: Be your true authentic Self!

In this transformative workshop 'Be your true authentic Self!' we invite you on a journey of awareness, to unplug from the complexity of daily life, and connect to your voice inside. You will be exploring your own life story, finding out about your potential, connecting with your dreams and understanding how to be your true authentic self by letting go of who you think you should be. It is about taking ownership and stepping into the arena of life.


We will work in groups up to 15 persons. Participants will be reflecting about their own life path and story. With exercises you will have time alone to work on this. Afterwards we present our stories to each other, true storytelling. It is all about going inwards to listen to your inner voice, to present outwards.


You will experience the power of awareness, divine, purpose, fear, choice and being (see our philosophy)


The workshop is a 5 day program. Of course it is possible to take elements of the workshop and create a custom made workshop.

Contact us for more information and about prices.

"What you practice grows stronger!"

Masterclass: Creating a New Vision 2050

There are two ways of moving forward: Fighting what you don’t want (pushing yourself away where you don’t want to be) or moving towards a destination. What is your choice?


We believe in the latter, so we have developed a unique master class: 'Creating a New Vision 2050'. Albert Einstein asked the following question: Do I see the world as a peaceful place or a hostile place? In this interactive masterclass we will explore this question. What do we need to create a new vision for the future. What is your place in this world? Is there enough for everyone? How can you participate in realising this New Vision?

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." Max Planck

Next Generation Leadership Journey - Rewriting the future

This program combines the masterclass Creating a New Vision 2050 and the workshop Be your true authentic Self!

  • Developing a new vision how we would like to see the world in 2050.
  • Connecting people with themselves and their dreams and creating a space to put it in practice.
  • Set up small scale projects, people working together embedded in their own communities.
  • Assisting the youth of today to become tomorrow’s new leaders.


Intention of Next Generation Leadership Journey

  • Empowerment, self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • For people to connect to a joint bigger vision and make them participants with self proposed projects.
  • Grow, develop and strengthen local communities from within with new projects.
  • Build a platform for the projects to connect individuals and communities and learn from each other.

This is a 6 day workshop program, contact us for more information.

Also for students in combination with walking the Camino del Norte (Spain)


"This workshop has been an amazing journey I made in the beautiful mountains of Sauerland in Germany. I really enjoyed participating in this workshop in combination with walking. In the afternoon I could ponder over the insight I gained in the morning, making me ready for new steps to take the next day. Participating in a group worked like a mirror, (hindering) patterns became visible and made it possible to practice letting go of during the week. This way I could take really big steps. Gert-Jan is a special trainer, as he is able to follow and asking the right questions guiding you. He senses what is necessary in the group, trusting the process, showing his own vulnerability and also being able to let go of things so tailor made coaching is offered." -Judith

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi