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Christiaan Waters CWB2019 walker

“We started as a group of individuals and during the walk we became a group having fun together, but also looking after each other and helpful. So for sure it feels we were on our way together and that was a beautiful experience. What I have learned? That I am allowed to be the person who I am. I have been told this before, but in this setting with all strangers it felt different. I am not completely convinced, but it is growing. And when I have any doubts I will think back about the Camino."

Marlies Hoogeboom CWB2019 buddy

“I have learned a lot. Especially how people can trust blindly, it is beautiful. I am someone who has problems trusting people, because of my work. I work with people who can't be trusted. So I find this wonderful."


Annette Adriaanse CWB2019 walker

“It was a very special experience I wouldn't like to have missed. The ambiance, the good conversations, the walking and being in nature, being in the moment, all in its pure form. Even when the rain came pouring down."


CWB2018 team
CWB2018 team

Pascal Wirken CWB2018 walker

"Something is set in motion. I experience a small fire inside myself, ignited by the Camino. I dare to dream again. The fears that kept me from doing things in the past are still there. They are not gone, but instead of holding me back it is keeping me sharp. There is a deep longing to explore, to dream, and to take risks. Such a good feeling to feel alive again and not just surviving."


Joke Franken CWB2018 buddy

"I have learned to deal with not knowing what the Camino would bring: in the morning you don't know where you sleep in the evening, you don't know who and what you will meet that day, you don't know the condition of the path, you don't know if you will be walking with rain or sunshine, you don't know what you will eat for your next meal. I was surprised and startled, but most of all I ENJOYED!"


Evelien van Soest CWB2018 walker

"The Camino has refreshed my mind. I am looking forward to start new things, I have a new power. The experiences I carry with me help me forward on a daily base. I have the feeling I am allowed to be here. I have more self compassion and I take my time to stay in the present. New steps I want to take I can also discuss with my family now. I can start working on my next goal."



Dorothé Garé CWB2017 buddy

"I have learned it is okay to step outside my comfort zone, and for it to be a beautiful experience. That we all look alike, and the big themes in life are more or less the same for all, and being able to trust yourself in approaching others. Visually impaired persons and also others with a functional limitation don't derive their identity from their handicap, as we might presume. I think I have learned to see people with a functional limitation in a different way."

Machteld Cossee CWB2017 walker

"Being away from home with Camino Walking Blind for a longer period of time, stepping out of my role as a mother, partner and friend I could meet my 'self' again. And I realised I am also a nice person without all these roles. It has given me more peace of mind about my future, I don't have to do everything now. I can do things later, even though my hearing and sight will be less."


Leo Scholten CWB2017 buddy

"The success of Camino Walking Blind is about meeting eleven beautiful people, doing things together, having fun, and helping each other where necessary. In a very short time twelve 'strangers' have become dear friends."


Leo van Rijt CWB2017 walker

"Underway in our taxi bus from Santiago de Compostela to Molinaseca, I am getting more aware of the journey ahead of us; a distance of more than 200 km. With the time ticking away I am having serious doubts; walking 200 km! 'Would I be able to do it?'" 



Henrike Voortman CWB2016 walker

"I hope with this pilgrimage to find more peace of mind (you can interpret this in different ways). I am looking forward to new experiences, new contacts and to the challenges ahead of me. I also think this camino will give me new inspiration. In an unfamiliar environment, with unknown people and new faces around me, this will be a perfect opportunity."


Willemijn Dekker CWB2016 walker

"I push myself to get the best out of me continually and not having my handicap decide who I am. Also I realise my sight is getting worse and if I want to fulfill all my wishes I 'need support to do so'. And to realise that I don't have to do everything myself to be the director of my life. In this project it comes together, my wish to make a pilgrimage and practicing 'being with my impairment', walking to Santiago together with others who are visually impaired."



Connie Haumahu CWB2015 walker

"To realize you are visually impaired, and to admit you need help every now and then, is hard to accept. I want to learn not to think in restrictions, but to think in possibilities."


Marianne Sickler CWB2015 buddy

"The most beautiful you can experience on the camino is the peace and the feeling of awareness. Trusting on yourself and knowing you can do more than you ever thought."

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