Irun -Santander (Spain) special student offer Getting ready for a new period in your life

An adventure you always have dreamed of doing, but never had time to embark upon. Time has come. Time for reflection, time to let go, time to meet yourself. Back to basics.


Why walk 285 kilometers?

We don’t know what it is to walk 285 kilometers, to carry everything we need on our back, to sleep in albergues or to do our laundry by hand in the evening. We will walk without a detailed plan and we will follow yellow arrows. The rhythm of the day will decide where we eat and sleep. Every day you will get personal coaching. You will keep a diary and we will share our experiences at the end of every day. We will listen to the story of the camino.


Key words

slow – slowness – authentity– enjoying life -  passion –  creativity – inspiration – exploring –  Spain- unplug – resting – nature– reflection - empathy - inner voice.

Voyage of exploration

Walking the camino will get you through:

Letting go and slowing down, letting the noise and routine of daily life float away and arriving in the present of the camino. We will use the first couple of days to do so and leave our busy life behind us.


Connecting with this path, getting used to being on the road every day and getting into a rhythm of walking, and becoming and being a pilgrim.


The cleansing phase. The simple life of a pilgrim, the repetition, will make you connect with your deeper voice inside, overlooking your life, the path you came, who you are, what is important to you, and what is hindering you in your life. Walking in nature and the simplicity of daily life in Spain will help you unplug.


What do you want to take ownership about? We are going to map your dreams, where do you want to go and what do you need to do so? What will be your destination in life? And what is stopping you from getting there?

Based on 5 pillars of Be your true Self!

Your path - the power of awareness

To understand where you are in life, you have to look back at the path you have walked. All your experiences on your life journey have brought you where you are at this moment. By self observation in a non-judgmental way (awareness) you will be able to get insight in your values, beliefs and habits.


Your potential - the power of divine 

Potential is something we are all born with, it is the divine part of life. Living your life is also about finding out what this is. Finding your way, your direction, your purpose for being here.


Your dreams and your direction - the power of purpose 

The road you walk is depending on the destination you choose. Without destination or direction you don’t know which road you are on. How does life unfold and who is the director? Choosing a destination helps you realize your dreams. We need a destination in life to give meaning to today. 


Ownership - the power of choice 

The quality of life is about the choices you make, not about the conditions of your life or expectations of others. 


Stepping into the arena – the power of being

Bringing the 4 pillars into practice. What are you going to give your focus and energy to?

Experiences of walking as a pilgrim

  • Helps to connect with your inner voice.
  • Gives insights about the true nature of yourself.
  • Improves your focus, concentration and creativity.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety.
  • Increases empathy and compassion.
  • Gives answers to your questions.
  • Helps making important choices.
  • To be completely refreshed, physically and mentally, when you arrive in Santiago.

About the guide/coach

Gert-Jan de Hoon (1966) is a Dutch based accomplished transformation coach, speaker and guide, author of A pilgrimage to Santiago, co-author of Walking in the Rain,  founder of Voyage Beyond and co-founder of Foundation Anders Bekeken.


He has extensive experience in the corporate world, the health sector, international diplomacy, and the travel industry. He worked within the medical field (Jeroen Bosch Hospital), with underprivileged youths, detainees, graduates, top management, youth, and starting entrepreneurs. He walks with his clients and persons with a visual impairment on the Camino in Spain and leads workshops at unique locations worldwide.


Gert-Jan made a choice for long and winding paths to unknown destinations, instead of a fixed career path, after his study Communication Science. It brought him to China in the pre internet era (1991), he lived and worked in Uganda (Africa) and Spain, where he discovered the Camino. He traveled with groups in China, Nepal, India and Pakistan and fell in love with the Canadian wilderness during a wilderness guide course. His life journey learned him to listen to his intuition, being flexible, making contact on deeper levels, dealing with setbacks, keeping things simple, not giving up and living with passion.


Date: Monday 27th of May- Sunday 9th of June


Costs: € 875.- per person (special students price)

Group of 4 - 6 graduating students

Average distance each day 15-25 km (total 285 km)


We will carry our own backpack (packing list will be provided).

We will stay in albergues on the way and have our meals in the villages we pass.

Personal coaching session one month after we have arrived (via skype/telephone).


Including: introduction to the Camino, preparation for what to bring, daily coaching on the camino, personal coach session after returning.

Excluding: traveling to Irun and from Santander, accommodation and food, travel and health insurance.


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Call Gert-Jan for more information: +31 646 26 66 22


“I have been thinking a lot about the journey and some of our talks. First of all I would like to say that I really enjoyed your company, both as a travel partner and as a professional ‘conversation’ partner.  As you predicted it did take some time to absorb in which way a pilgrim walk might change or influence you. I feel so much healthier and more light hearted than when I started, and less worried.” MR