A new chapter in the book of life

2014. A new year to begin. Why is it so difficult to hold on to our resolutions and wishes for the new year? What is holding you back to make the changes in your life you would like to make? Do you feel trapped inside outdated habits and beliefs, keeping you from developing and moving forward? 


It all starts with embracing your past. When you don't accept who you are and where you come from, you will always find a reason why you are not reaching or achieving something. Also you will think of this before you have even started, calculating the outcome.


Being able to embrace your past you can see the long and winding road you came, understanding the person you are, your values, strength and weakness. You understand what brought you here and you can look with an open mind into the future.


Mapping your dreams gives you a sense of direction, a destination and a spot at the horizon to aim for. What are you dreaming of? Are you able to dream big? Let go of any restricting habit or belief. Then you will be able to live in the present, take ownership, show gratitude and learn from your mistakes.


Look back for just one more time and embrace all that has happened. Look ahead, map your dreams and focus on your destination. Live like today is going to be your last day and then go to sleep with a grateful smile. You can also be the director of your life!

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi